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December 16, 2007 - Please check out our NEW community-based Oozing Goo. We have totally updated the website. Why a new site? Because OG is truly a community; There are so many great lava lamp devotees in this group that can share far more info in this revamped site. Every member can have your own page, right here at OG, where you can share pictures, write a blog, start a group, add friends and much more. Take a look and enjoy!

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lava lamps gallery of pictures
Check out Martina's image collection of the cool lava lamps of the past (and a few of the present.) It's still growing!
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discuss lava lamps
[ARCHIVE ONLY] Have you got somethin' to say? (or ask?) Speak into the mic to be heard by all the other lava lampers out there.
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Visit the new Oozing Goo
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the god of lava
This is the almighty inventor, well sort of... You can catch up with Craven Walker and learn how these crazy lamps came to be.
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how to make a lava lamp
You're going to need a lot of beakers (or margarine bowls) if you're going to make your own lava lamp. Craven Walker dares you to try. Go there

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